if you are interested in purchasing something, email me here and I will give ya the appropriate paypal information.

To hear sounds of any ursa--major releases go here:



Phoned Nil Trio boxset is best enjoyed by all

Damn Gina it's been a long time since i updated this shit...  now is a good time though cuz the PHONED NIL TRIO 7''/CD/Cassette box set is all done and ready to go to your house and have sex with your stereo while you watch it spin and listen to it scream!!!   Come to the release show this Memorial Day at Miss Litchens Mansion---820 E Clarke st.  7pm---for the first installment of the Phoned Nil Gospel Quartet Trio Bible Study Hour  also playing---Forced Into Femininity



Just go to the PNT bandcamp page-----http://phonedniltrio.bandcamp.com/

Available at:

or, contact one of these other awesome dudes that helped put it out and buy some of their other stugg too, like the 'Milwaukee Noise 2005-2010' 12-cassette box-set from FTAM!

Blackhouse- grbah@comcast.net
MaxCorp Industries- isotope454@hotmail.com
Rainbow Bridge- http://hellorainbowbridge.blogspot.com

Thats all for now, coming up next= ...some more good stuff, like...summer tour stuff n junk!

TYMT #1 - podcast--madness!!!!

that's right I started a podcast.  It's called Thank You Milwaukee Thrift, and it will be where I play all of my favorite tapes and records and whatever that I acquired from milwaukee thrift stores, the street, or made myself.  ***most of my tape players are acting pretty junky lately too, a deterrent or an added bonus depending on what you like***lucky for me I like everything all the time no matter what forever***

Check out TYMT#1 -Two Handfulls of (unrelated) Tapes

Goddamnit! I can't figure out this embedding thing!
well, just go here instead:  http://thaifoodrulz.podomatic.com/

track info and pictcho' fo yo : :   : :    : :

1)Tina Sani - Sazina   (Pakistan)

2) E.Y.A.W. to Heat on the Moog - Chabrier : Espana

3) New Edition - All i Want for Christmas (is my girl) 

            4) Martha Na the Muffins - unknown track.   5) New Kids on the Block - Don't give up on me
6) Steven Halpern Phd. - Sleep (excerpt from side 2)
7) Noor Jhan - Tum Aae Hoo Na Shub (roland records compilation, Pakistan)
8) Klezmer Conservatory Band - Rumenishe Fantazie (US, 1981)
9) Nina Simone - Somebody Is Callin' Me

10) Tennessee Ernie Ford - Hold My Hand, Precious Lord

11) Deodat de Severac (Margaret Otwell, piano) - La Chand de la TerrePoeme georgique : La grele
12)Martha and the Muffins - another unknown song
13 ) Iqbal Bano - Hum Deaken Gay Lazim

Druome + Flux Bikes @ Truly Spoken Cycles Dec. 17th


Druome and Flux Bikes.
Saturday, December 17th   6pm
@ Truly Spoken Cycles - 604. E. Center St.

 ---Free show!, donations for touring band encouraged and appreciated.

Check out Rob Frye's blog all about his bicycle performing/touring throughout america : (http://www.experimentalsoundstudio.org/pages/flux_bikes/128.php) 

Druome will also be playing a bicycle set...  one very similar but quite different form the 2009 (or was it 2010?) 24 hour bike race performance at Miles and Sarah's Finish Line Garage Party!

urma08 - Lucky Bone : Happy Birthday Lucky Bone (birthday field recordings and repetitions) (cdr)

urma08 - Lucky Bone : Happy Birthday Lucky Bone  (cdr)
=====So here's the story:  on september 18th I took a bad-ass birthday trip down to chicago with my best friends Diane and Miggs.  I recorded snippets of it--riding in the car, hanging out with chickens, getting tacos, running around outside the zoo (which was closed!! by the time we got there), pretty much the whole day crammed onto one side of a c40.  I took that tape and used some very intricate and advanced manipulation techniques (i.e. hitting the rewind button like a thousand times), to turn the 20 minute tape into a 40 minute cd.  The most common noises in the world become indiscernible as they repeat---fragments of the english language mixed with xm satellite radio, the silence between words and the intricate noises we never knew we made, also whatever else was going on directly in front of me throughout the day.

hear some of it:

urma07/Lemon-o books - Ethan Krause/Lucky Bone/Slow Owls : Actual Bird Song - field guide and audio companion (booklet, cdr)

urma07/Lemon-o books - Ethan Krause/Lucky Bone/Slow Owls : Actual Bird Song (booklet, cdr)
=====That's right...  hear the sights and see the sounds of Actual Bird Song: a booklet of photocopied collages of text book bird imagery by Ethan Krause (the hot dude I work with who makes the famous hairdos of popular music booklets/blog), accompanied by a split cd : Lucky Bone flying through a pile of bird song tapes as fast as he can, and Slow Owls (one half of milwaukee's  noise-brother-duo (sometimes trio) Mildew) making LP loops of his own bird song collection.  Three distinct moods throughout the book and music. different pieces of a single coherent whole (like yin and yang plus some bird poo) all tied together by a web of blurry feathers.  In all seriousness though, it's quite beautiful.  the inside-out boundaries it holds are great.  Does that make any sense? .  Is that a bird or a broken fourier synthesizer?  Who cares?

Check out some of Ethan's other work here:  thefamoushairdosofpopularmusic.blogspot.com

hear some of it:

urma06 - Lucky Bone : Basement-Land Blues (cdr)

urma06 - Lucky Bone : Basement-Land Blues (cdr)
=====Various recordings from this great year of 2011.  recorded almost entirely in my basement (where I spent every moment of the year busting my ass for the 2010 Mary Nohl Fellowship).  As it spans a whole year in time, diversity is the name of the game: it's strangely normal, frighteningly beautiful, it's shit I found at the thrift store, and more!  Spending a whole year alone in the basement will make a man do some crazy things, hear them crazzies now!---released as a free cd for the Nohl Fellowship gallery showing sept-dec 2011,  now available for $$$.  Special bonus: 2 rare phoned nil trio cuts at the end!!

ear it:
...one more for good luck

urma05 - Druome : untitled (3'' cdr)

urma05 - Druome : untitled  (3'' cdr, bookmark)
=====a collection of older-ish recordings by the collaboration between myself (Lucky Bone) and Adam Krause (Los Guasos, Group of the Altos).  Elementary-school band percussion played by bow, stick, and speakers.  Sounds like some loser's stoned meditations during a melt banana show... quit spacing out and pay attention to what's going on in front of you!  Released in tandem with Adam's book release party for Art as Politics (that's what the bookmark is for ya dummy).  Check out this little interview for more info on Adam's book : http://new-compass.net/node/85